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Fayetteville, Arkansas


The Firm

Locted in Fayettevile, Arkansas, the Dangeau Law Firm is owned and operated by Jeff Dangeau.   Jeff  is licensed to practice law in Arkansas and has a BBA in economics.  He has over 30 years experience in energy, utility, business and real estate law, government relations, and real estate investment and management and as a member of executive management teams. He  has strong legal and business writing skills with clear and concise writing and oral presentation styles.  Jeff focuses primarily on Business; Energy, Utiities and Regulatory; and Real Estate but will also handle other maters for clients.  

News & Insights


Big New Market for Fayetteville Shale? 

Energy Security Partners of Little Rock has proposed a 33,000 barrell per day Gas to Liquids Plant...



Natural Gas Has a Great Future

According to ExxonMobile, global demand for natural gas will rise by 50 percent0m 2014 to 2040. ...



Benefits of Income Property

When you borrow money to invest in income producing rental property, you can make money three way


Practice Areas


Real Estate


Utilities, &


Our Competitive Advantage
  • Business + Legal = Value:  Over 30 years experience as advisor to and member of executive management teams and owning and operating a business

  • Value driven business model that combines legal, business, and financial experience

  • Responsive

  • Results oriented

Adding Value to Your Business

  • Listen to you

  • Understand your goals

  • Offer cost-effective legal,  business, and finance solutions that help you accomplish your goals and increase the value of your business

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