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Get Paid to Save on Energy Costs !!!

Did you know that Arkansas electric and gas ulilities will actually pay you to use less energy? In Arkansas, utilities offer energy efficiency programs developed under the Conservation and Energy Efficiency Programs Rules of the Arkansas Public Service Commission. Under these programs, utilities provide incentives, often in the form of rebates, to encourage their customers to use less electricity or natural gas. The idea behind these programs is that when you consider the total cost of producing, delivering, and consuming energy, it can be more economical to pay customers to use less energy. This can happen because it allows utilities to avoid the cost of producing and delivering more energy, such as the cost of building more power plants and gas pipelines.

There are different types of energy efficiency programs available to different types of customers - residential, business, industrial, etc.. Also, different utilities have different programs, so programs avaliable to customers in Northwest Arkansas may be different from programs avaialble to customers in Little Rock.

For business customers, you may want to consider programs offered by your utilities that offer rebates and incentives for installation of high efficiency lighting, cooking, water heating and space heating equipment, low flow water fixtures, and HVAV tuneups. The more often you use this equipment, the more benefit you receive from its higher energy efficiency.

For agricultural customers, some utilities offer incentives to install remote control units on electric irrigation pumps that allow the pumps to be turned off during periods of peak denamd. Incentives are also offered to certain large business customers to allow interruption of electic service during times of peak demand.

The programs are generally first come, first served and are available only until budgeted funds are depleted.

For more information, take a look at the following websites:

Please contact me if you need assistance selecting or applying for an energy efficiency program.

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Dangeau Law Firm, PLLC

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